• London Sky Walk over the County Hall's roof level

  • GODZILLA's lucky shit from the Heaven

  • West Meet East

  • The London County Hall

  • Last Samurai BORIS

  • Freedom .............

  • Inventors of Cinema

  • London History & Conservation

  • Last Samurai Girl

  • Real GEISHA girls are coming to London, Madrid, Paris .................... Memories of a Geisha II will be better in EUROPA like Godfather II in Cuba

  • Renaissance of Good Old Days

  • Hybrid Tree Artwork

  • For Whom the Bell Tolls. The Sun Also Rises in SPAIN

  • Let's travel & build more hotels in Okinawa !

  • East Met West

  • Not just Fish !!

  • 300 years ago .................

  • Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

  • Little Mystery

  • Water City

  • We've got you !!!

  • GODZILLA will be a new guest for this new restaurant very soon

  • EVERYTHING is for the PEACE

  • Spanish Restaurant in GREENWICH

  • This College made British Empire, Commonwealth and Global Language

  • OZU Film of Children & Foods

  • Redevelopment of Shell Centre Complex will change London very much

  • Not just eating, but also watching a very old OZU childhood film

  • Evian & ZEN

  • Evian & ZEN

  • The History of the London County Hall

  • Tree, Cafe, Umbrella, ...................... One Morning at the London County Hall

  • Historical Figures & Heritage Culture at the County Hall - This Lady Founded the Old Vic

  • Hi ! Children !! Let's play together !!!

  • Tree of Life at Night

  • New Bollards & Sunset - Rhapsodies Thames

  • Never Forget

  • History & Tradition

  • Madame Butterfly & an English Captain at IZAKAYA Boris

  • New Character Figures Museum

  • New Menu & Better Quality at ZEN Canteen


  • Great History & Culture

  • SUSHI Globalisation & Localisation


  • CH Brand is now in All the Capital Cities on this Planet EARTH

  • Everything ................... started from here

  • Come back ! LISZT !! Make Rhapsodies Thames, PLEASE !!!

  • SPAIN is now getting out of recession

  • ORIGAMI lamp designed by a young Spanish designer

  • London County Hall is now making the world's largest Character Mascot Shop for all the children on this Planet EARTH

  • More & More Fruit. Less & Less Wheat

  • Europe's First Poison Free FUGU Blow Fish Farm

  • WOW !

  • World's 1st Flying Fish Aquarium in Paris

  • Tradition, Tradition, Tradition ...................................., TRADITION

  • Far Eastern Evolution in PARIS

  • Chateau ROMMEL, historical residence for the German Field Marshall Erwin ROMMEL in Normandy,
    will be refurbished for an authentic ZEN Peace spirited hotel

  • Tree of Life

  • Rhapsodies Thames

  • There will be love, not blood


  • Building a peaceful & better world through sport & the Olympic ideal


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